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What does it mean to be a Spade?

Will! Your will versus the Universal Will!

Keywords for spades include: Health, Lifestyle, Will, and WORK. Winter. Old Age.

Spades are powerful people and hard workers. IF you are the only spade in a family full of diamonds and clubs, don’t worry, this is pretty common. There are fewer spades and hearts than diamonds and clubs. Spades are less concerned with emotional machinations. Instead they are interested in being aware of how to succeed in their work. They are known to be “old before their time,” but also to have wisdom before their peers. They have health issues if they overwork, and must be vigilant in this area. They can be the world’s biggest workaholics.


Who are some famous spades?

The Ace of Spades, Jennifer Aniston, Princess Diana, Billie Holiday, Kelly Rowland, Allen Ginsberg
The Two of Spades, Einstein, Audrey Hepburn, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh
The Three of Spades, Jay-Z, James Brown, Bette Davis, Carole King
The Four of Spades, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Bing Crosby, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Robert Downey Jr.
The Five of Spades, Eddie Murphy, Alec Baldwin, Joan Baez
The Six of Spades, Elvis Presley, Dana Carvey, Stephen Hawking, Babe Ruth
The Seven of Spades, Wangari Maathai, Jessica Biel, Alexander Graham Bell, Rachel Maddow, Sergey Rachmaninov
The Eight of Spades, Rosa Parks, Alice Cooper, Dan Quayle, Mikhail Gorbechev, Dr. Seuss
The Nine of Spades, Dianne Keaton, Ron Howard
The Ten of Spades, Isaac Newton, Farrah Fawcett
The Jack of Spades, Cicero, J.R.R. Tolkien
The Queen of Spades, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Christy Turlington, Isaac Asminov
The King of Spades, J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director

As you can see from this distinguished list, even though there are lots more clubs and diamonds than spades, spades manage to distinguish themselves in sciences as well as in literature.

Ace of spades, as you can see from the list above, tend to have difficult love lives and strong workaholic tendencies. They are also the card of the Magi, which means a love of secrets, transformation.
Two of spades has a strong instinct for working in partnership, and has a powerful mind.
Three of Spades is the artist’s card, they can be very creative, and they are also known to get into trouble by not wanting to take responsibility for their situation. Can be crazy.
Four of spades is like the sign of cancer, very home oriented and controlling.
Five of spades is known as the five of fives. If fives are restless then this five is DOUBLY so! but they also crave stability.
Six of Spades: Is basically tremendously smart, talented, their live goes into the crown line early and they can have much success in their lives, even if they are, like Stephen hawking, totally physically disabled.
Seven of spades has a tough life healthwise. They have to learn about spirituality and letting go to be satisfied.
Eight of spades has a lot of power. The eight of eights. They have to be careful not to abuse their power. For some reason they seem to like making gardens with their work.
Nine of spades is a great giver. They also need to learn to let go, even more so than the seven. There will be many endings. They want the power of the eight, and they won’t get it.
The Ten of spades has a tremendous amount of power. They encapsulate both the ace and the zero, so can also be HUGE workaholics.
The Jack of spades is the craftiest jack of all. This can make them super creative but it can also make them a bit crazy.
The Queen of Spades wants to learn self-mastery. She is smart, strong, capable, and can change the world.
The King of Spades is a fixed card and spends their whole life in the crown line. They are the most powerful card in the deck, but the crown is so heavy that sometimes they want to lay it down and just be a jack, and that is what many of them do. There is only one birthday with the king of spades as the birth card, and that is January 1st.