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Relationships & The Cards: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

javier bardem

Javier Bardem in Skyfall

I was first introduced to Javier Bardem’s acting talents in the latest James Bond thriller, Skyfall. I enjoyed his acting so much that I had to look up more about him, and what his destiny cards revealed.

Javier Bardem was born March 1st, 1969, making him a Pisces Rooster.

Penelope Cruz was born April 28th, 1974, making her a Taurus Tiger.

The couple have been together since 2007, but they are famously private about their personal lives, even though Cruz is pregnant with her second child by Bardem. Roosters and Tigers don’t have a major compatibility that we know of, and neither do Pisces and Taureans. So what’s going on?

What is their relationship like? Hot or cool? How do they get along?

The destiny cards reveal it all. Javier Bardem is a 9 of spades, Jack of Spades. Jack of Spades can be driven artists, and indeed Javier is known for getting so into his roles as to become unrecognizable from one role to the next. Being a Jack of Spades can also make you kind of crazy. It’s good for Bardem that he has the outlet of being an actor, to be able to channel that energy into reinventing himself anew for each role.

Penelope Cruz is a Six of Clubs, Queen of hearts. Her birth card will make her dedicated to her work, highly professional and a bit competitive. She is also able to be a wonderful mother (the Queen of hearts). She is also known to get into some fantasies about romance, as the most neptune card in the deck, with her planetary ruling card being in both the neptune line and the neptune row. She had a fantasy about being married to Tom Cruise at one point.

javier bardem penelope cruz

Javier Bardem Penelope Cruz

At first glance, in the life spread, you’d think, how can these two ever be connected? They’re so far away from each other!

However, if you look at Penelope Cruz’s first Karma cards, they are the eight of spades and the 10 of spades. That means that she also acts out these cards. And it means that she is moon to Javier’s 9 of spades, and he is moon again to her 10 of spades first karma card.

This double moon connection makes for a very close and beautiful relationship, one that almost seems like they have a telepathic connection with each other. They can take turns driving the relationship, and love to be together. They like the same things, (working hard) and throw themselves wholly into their work. They also understand this about each other, and don’t complain when one of them has to be away for long hours on a movie shoot.

Because Javier Bardem’s PRC is the Jack of Spades, this also means that again, Penelope Cruz is moon to him. So it’s a triple moon connection. Since Penelope Cruz is moon to Javier twice, we can assume that probably he leads more in the relationship, and she follows.

And finally, Javier’s Nine of Spades first Karma card is the King of Hearts. This means that Penelope Cruz is moon to him again.  Wow. A Quadruple moon connection. These two are going to be together forever!

What do you think of Javier and Penelope’s relationship?

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